December 21, 2015

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_The three posts cited below all have a sexual spin.

First, Doug Wilson’s post called, Slomosexuality, is about what is happening culturally and politically in relation to the current sexual earthquake. If you enjoy reading and don’t typically read Wilson, you are missing a great delight. Here’s one of his sentences:

Pop evangelicals are now officially grappling with women’s ordination, which is gayer than an NPR tote bag full of rainbows.

Similarly, another wonderful writer is Rosaria Butterfield. Given her past in the lesbian community, her voice is appreciated. Here she discusses the value of Psalm singing in light of her personal history. There is a lot to think about here.

Robert Gagnon debates J. Daniel Kirk on Homosexuality. It is a very long debate. Helpfully, below the video are some of Gagnon’s responses to questions from the floor after the debate. Gagnon’s responses are worth reading.

3 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    Aside from all the rhetoric, news, comments, ideas, opinions, etc. about homosexuality………I have this question – the law says we are to hate the sin and love the sinner. In that light are we supposed to draw and quarter, tar and feather and/or keep a homosexual from being able to support themselves financially, have the right to heath care, etc.? If we ban them from our churches then does God condone that? There have always been homosexuals – they are strewn throughout our history. Why are the new found news and working to vehemently trying to erase them from the earth? I don’t care for homosexuality not only as a personal human thing but also because the Bible forbids it. So, what are we Christians supposed to do as far as homosexual behavior goes – not only where our church attendance is concerned but in our every day earthly lives?

  2. Mark Says:

    Great thoughts/questions. For what it is worth (not much), I think that the church is to love and accept the homosexual. However, given what Paul says about the homosexual in 1Cor 6, true love will confront the behavior as eternally dangerous behavior.

    The problem as I see it is that (like Wilson’s piece) homosexual tendencies and behaviors are viewed as something akin to race. There are two results to this view. First, the sin of homosexuality becomes something that is not a sin issue. It becomes something intrinsically part of the person. Rather than seeing sin, those sympathetic to LGBT community view homosexual behavior similar to having blue eyes. As it isn’t a sin to have blue eyes, so it isn’t a sin to live in an committed intimate relationship with someone of the same sex. I’m not suggesting that people don’t have sexual feelings for the same sex. They obviously do. I’m simply saying that we must hold to the clear Biblical teaching. This creates the tension between Bible believing churches and really the rest of the world.

    Second, this new view is becoming hardwired into the laws of the land. What happens (again, like Wilson’s piece) is that simply holding to the truth will get a believer into trouble.

    The word that is often applied to the Christian is bigot. This is a misrepresentation. I’m tolerant. I still say the behavior is wrong. I ought to be able to say so. To state the obvious, this is America.

    That said, my emphasis will always be the gospel. I always want to be about the good news. Put differently, what I post on a blog is very different from what I will say in church.

    • phfs9 Says:

      Although I looked for it and cannot find it I thought there was a place in the Bible that said if one was born homosexual the only Christian path for that person was to live in celibacy. Many years ago when I was pretty young I knew or knew of and spoke with (just general social conversation but the Christian subject of homosexuality was brought up by the person) a male homosexual. He told me he did not care for sex with other men physically but was not attracted to females so he chose to live celibate and it was a lonely lifestyle.

      I’ve said it many times – I consider it a gift from God that I am not burdened with such issues as homosexuality to deal with.

      I agree there are those Christians who flag or put a mental tattoo on homosexuals unfairly in the form of bigotry. For some I believe it is a personal choice and for others I believe it is a deformity just as downs syndrome or any other illness. Should we sit in the judgement seat with homosexuals! Should we sit in the judgement seat with “any” sinner!…..and when we do judge others our mirror-mirror-on-the-wall would “as always” be shattered glass on the ground…..all the while choosing to believe we are right and they are wrong. Judgement is only for God and not for us to administer.

      The Bible clearly states that we are to forgive as we are forgiven – hate cannot be carried into the Kingdom of God. Should Christians welcome a homosexual into church as we do any other sinner…a murder, a prostitute, a child molester, etc.

      The “Good News” can get very confusing when meshing it with human emotions. I do not condone homosexuality but are we truly following the “Good News” when we shun a homosexual? How do we know that the one homosexual that is not turned away by a Christian might not be the one who because of our hearts turns from homosexual behavior.

      I think people also equate a homosexual with being a criminal. A criminal is anyone who does wrong to others – a homosexual is involved more in doing wrong to himself/herself and God. One is not a criminal by virtue of being homosexual.

      So again I ask, should a Christian turn away a homosexual from church and deny them a place to pray to God…….and maybe just possibly get saved along the way just because of Christian acceptance of the person (not the sin) into a Christian atmosphere?

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