November 12, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_There are a number of adoptive parents in our congregation. I don’t think that those of us with only biological children can imagine what that experience is like. No doubt there is a lot of pain associated with adoption. Teri alerted me to this piece detailing the struggles and joy of adoption.

Here is an insightful article arguing for the value of hymns in worship. I do think hymns do a better job of moving theological freight.

Finally, here are three links to stuff that I find somewhat interesting. First, Amazon is at war with some publishers over ebook prices. Second, here is an interesting summary of some common misconceptions. I’ll be surprised if you don’t learn something new. Finally, if you are ever on the prowl for a burger, here is a map of hamburger chain locations.