My name is Mark Lugg and I’m the pastor of Bowman Community Church. I’ve had the unparalleled privilege of being married to my wife Debbie since 1977. We have three delightful grown, or nearly grown, children: JohnMark, Chloe (and her husband Jake), and Hannah.

This blog is a resource for the members and friends of Bowman Community Church. My desire isn’t to explore detailed critiques of theological minutia (beyond my ability and can be found elsewhere), but rather to provide helpful reflections on the gospel and its implications for our lives. I also will provide links to other resources that I believe will be helpful to the gracious people of Bowman. One caveat: my views might not reflect the views of Bowman’s other elders. Soli Deo Gloria!

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Debbie Lugg Says:

    Could you pick up some milk and eggs on your way home?;-)

  2. irene Says:

    Hey mark

    What do you know about tim challes? Uncle Bill and I am in a discussion regarding his comments regarding the. Viability of Wikipedia. Please reply to our website love to you and debbie

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