February 25, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_How do we determine what God’s will for our lives is? Should I buy Crest or Colgate? Should we move or stay? I don’t think God is going to tell us. Follow God’s revealed will, seek wisdom, and act. Paul Tripp helps his readers unpack this important issue.

The “Jesus Calling” devotional is a huge success right now. If you are at all tempted to use this book, please read this first. It strikes me as a Neale Donald Walsh type book for Christians. We have the “Daily Bread” in our foyer. Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening” is exquisite. Right now I’m using the “The Mockingbird Devotional.” It too has a great gospel focus. These are all very good resources if you are hunting for a devotional.

Speaking of devotions, Erik Raymond offers some suggestions about how to mine truth from God’s word.

I recently linked to a post on tithing. Here Ray Ortlund weighs in on the issue. I always appreciate what Ray writes.



I’m Hungry Pt. 2

May 15, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about our quest for glory, for an encounter with beauty. All of life is about this search for greatness, glory, and beauty. We look for it in the places we visit, the food we eat, and the entertainment we consume (great music, literature, or films). It is in the presence of greatness that we are most satisfied, and at the same time, least self-aware. Life is best when we are lost in the greatness and glory of something outside ourselves.

This quest for glory, greatness, and beauty is really a quest for God. Even a great place will bore us if we stay there long enough. The exquisite meal can seem like a PBJ if consumed regularly enough. This, of course, is where God comes in. Given that he is infinite, we will never get to the end of his greatness. In eternity we’ll never have a boring day.

John the Apostle is known as the disciple whom Jesus loved. He was very close to Jesus and knew him as well as any human could. He witnessed the transfigured Jesus. In other words, when the curtain veiling his glory was pulled back, John was there in the light brighter than the sun (Mt 17:2). Yet, when John saw Jesus in his vision in the book of Revelation, John “fell at his feet as though dead” (Revelation 1:17). John was ill equipped to encounter Jesus’ glory. This is the all-satisfying glory I’m looking for. This is what your soul craves as well. I can’t wait.