January 14, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_What helps us live a less sinful life? Cole Brown in his piece Lies My Pastor Told Me: “That Will Make You Sin” grapples with the question.

Married couples sometimes think, “I don’t deserve to be treated like this!” How can spouses reframe their thinking to avoid this potential troublesome thought?

Sam Allberry grapples with The Idol Behind Same-Sex Desires. The solution he offers is one that heterosexual people need to remember as well.

Speaking Truth in Love: Counsel in Community is free today only for Nook and Kindle.


November 6, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Why does it seem that God allows us to sin? Here is the Westminster Confession’s (5.5) answer:

The most wise, righteous, and gracious God doth oftentimes leave, for a season, His own children to manifold temptations, and the corruption of their own hearts, to chastise them for their former sins, or to discover unto them the hidden strength of corruption and deceitfulness of their hearts, that they may be humbled; and, to raise them to a more close and constant dependence for their support upon Himself, and to make them more watchful against all future occasions of sin, and for sundry other just and holy ends. 

Put differently, God allows us to sin so that we might grow. Phil Ryken helpfully discusses this area of providence.

Is all sin created equal? I often hear that it is. All sin equally sends us to hell but all sin is not equal in gravity. Tim Challies discusses the issue.

Are you a Bible teacher? Do you use texts from both the Old and New Testament to talk about Christ? Trevin Wax encourages his viewers to be distinctly Christian. This is important encouragement for Christian teachers.

Keller – Why We Lie

August 22, 2013

I appreciate Timothy Keller’s honesty in this clip. He explains why he and his wife, Kathy, lie. We lie because we don’t trust God. Of course, this is the root of all our sin.


January 9, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Here is a very helpful piece on the key to a strong marriage. If you are married, this reminder will be valuable.

Ray Ortlund grapples with what Jesus meant when he told Peter, “Get behind me Satan.” Also, he writes about how this rebuke might look in our lives.

But Jesus can see that the reasonable “things of man” and the horrible “things of Satan” are both opposed to the redemptive “things of God,” so diametrically opposed that “the things of man” can serve “the things of Satan.” …

Any time you and I reject the cross and, in effect, rebuke our Lord for choosing that path for himself and us, can we be sure what influence will come out of our mouths next, even if we have also served as voices for God?

It took me most of my life to appreciate poetry. I always wondered why people didn’t just say what they meant. Some of you are way ahead of me here, but I finally realized that somethings just can’t be said with prose. Ray Ortlund’s son, Dane, quoting some of the masters (Lewis et al.), writes about the purpose of poetry.


January 4, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_I never feel that I am reading enough. I already have enough books to literally last the rest of my life. With this problem in mind, here is a strategy to read 50 books this year. Let me know how it works for you.

Russell Moore asks whether the Pro-life side is really winning.

A feminist leader once said that most Americans are pro-life with three exceptions: rape, incest, and “my situation.” When the teenage daughter is pregnant, the theory is abandoned and bloodthirsty pragmatism rules. I fear this feminist is all too right.

Tim Challies reviews the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop TalkingIf you tend to be an introvert like me, Tim offers a helpful corrective in his analysis.

Sinclair Ferguson writes about How to Mortify Sin. Sinclair is always helpful.

Kevin DeYoung writes of three simple ways to pray using scripture: rejoice, repent, and request. Good stuff.

Even the Catholics struggle with egalitarian creep:

My Problem Exactly

December 19, 2012