November 19, 2012

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week as you connect with your dear loved ones.

For me personally, sanctification remains one of the most difficult issues in my life. I find it difficult to experience it to the degree I’d like, and I find if difficult to structure a full-blown theology of sanctification. Keeping in mind my handicap in this area, I’d like to recommend two helpful articles about the Christian’s continuing sin. Tullian grapples with the question as to whether Christians are in some sense still totally depraved. Ed Welch delineates what the victorious Christian life really looks like.

Tyndale House wins mandate court battle. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this.

Judge temporarily exempts the Christian book publisher from the HHS contraceptive mandate, allowing it to operate its business according to its beliefs.

The question of what to do with political Israel is a tricky question. I believe that the church has been grafted into Israel and that the blessing of Abraham belongs to those in Christ, Gal 3:14. That said, political Israel is often a beacon of light in the dark Muslim/Arab world. Doug Wilson empathizes with Israel’s plight and mission as he balances his theology with Israel’s situation.