Tullian at Liberate

March 6, 2014

If you haven’t watched this video yet, I encourage you to do so. It will be one of the most encouraging hours of your week.


September 10, 2012

As we all know, the temptation to sin is powerful. Sometimes it seems that we have to sin. Here Mark Altrogge reminds us that this simply isn’t true.

We all want good, God-honoring marriages. When we do this we flourish. This piece reminds us flourishing is always penultimate. Here’s a Piper quote embedded in the article:

Marriage is not mainly about prospering economically; it is mainly about displaying the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his church. Knowing Christ is more important than making a living. Treasuring Christ is more important than bearing children. Being united to Christ by faith is a greater source of marital success than perfect sex and double-income prosperity.

I know I sound like a broken record, but here is another piece about the importance of men being men. We have way to many wimpy men these days. I do think the author (Owen Strachan) thinks a little too highly of The Bourne Legacy but he makes excellent points. Here’s a taste of what is in the article:

The boy-man is selfish, young, immature, addicted to games, immune to responsibility, foul-mouthed, and weak.  He’s overwhelmed by adulthood, so he chooses to stay in some sort of boyish fantasy.  He doesn’t want to build big things, meaningful things, like a family, a six-decade marriage, a socially and personally profitable career, or a gospel-driven church or missions effort.  He wants to make music, play games, follow sports, flirt with girls, loaf through life, bend the rules so he’s not accountable or inconvenienced in his selfishness, and ignore the need to help others.

Finally here Bill Mounce discusses gossiping. This is a temptation we all struggle with. What he writes is worth thinking about.

So gossips, hear this. You can go to church, sing loudly, give money, volunteer in the nursery, led a Bible study, wear your Christianity on your sleeve, be an elder — but no matter what you do, no matter what people think of you, it is all a sham, worthless. Your gossip invalidates everything you do. At least, that’s what the Bible teaches.