October 23, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Tim Challies lists eighteen things he will not regret doing with his kids. There is good encouragement here.

The issue of divorce and remarriage is a sticky biblical issue. In what sense is remarriage adultery? Douglas Wilson grapples with the question.

Gambling has never been attractive to me. I have other vices. The idea of giving what little money I have away in the hope that I might get more in return has never gained traction with me. Yet, many do battle with this issue. Daniel Darling highlights the social cost of gambling.

In this life, the need to forgive and be forgiven never goes away. We are fallen people and intentionally or unintentionally we hurt those around us. We too are hurt. David Murray briefly talks about the variations of forgiveness and its benefits.


October 16, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Want to grow spiritually? Erik Raymond offers three tips.

It won’t surprise you that children of same sex couples don’t fare as well as children with opposite sex mom and dads. This article leaves many questions, however it does further the conversation. It will be interesting to digest the data over the years as this phenomenon becomes more studied.

Do you ever wonder what all the fuss over the debt ceiling is all about? Joe Carter sorts through the issue in a helpful way.

In a style reminiscent of “The Screwtape Letters,” John Knight in The Subtle Art of Destroying Humans highlights the strategies of the pro-abortion mindset. Think tissue not babies.

Eric Simmons piece, I Hate Porn, highlights the temporal and eternal impacts of porn. I’ve said this many times, but parents must guard the gate. Porn is a drug that the human spirit is often predisposed to. Lifelong addiction can start at a very young age. The destruction caused by porn is incalculable.

Stand to Reason reviews O’Reilly’s book “Killing Jesus: A History.” The review is rather positive except for its criticism of the way O’Reilly refers to some of the gospel accounts as myths.

Finally, “Help for Women Under Stress” by Randy and Nanci Alcorn is free today only for Kindle. My guess is that it is probably a pretty good book. I appreciate Randy Alcorn.

Mohler On Birthcontrol

June 8, 2012

Here Al Mohler discusses the thorny issue for believers of birth control.

Here Lisa Fabrizio, in my view, accurately assess the current sexual culture of our nation.

Since the so-called sexual revolution, the exaltation of sex has corrupted much of what this country used to hold dear, especially motherhood. Prior to the 1960s, no one — except maybe adolescent boys — really associated pregnancy with what moderns call “sex.” Babies were brought forth as the natural extension of love between man and wife; the two becoming one flesh; the product of lawful marriage, which has always been the pillar of any civilized — or even uncivilized — culture.

Pregnancy was celebrated as the coming of a “blessed event” or a “bundle of joy” and mothers were revered as symbolic of America herself, along with baseball and apple pie. Today, pregnancy has been described as a “punishment” by our president, while full-time mothers are regarded as anachronistic failures by all but the most twisted of religious fanatics. So the inclusion of abortion and contraception into the area of healthcare is just the next step in the logical progression of the dismantling of marriage and motherhood. (Italics mine)

Believers have the task of loving the sinner and at the same time addressing the sin. This is not an easy task. It is akin to trying to lose weight while on an ice cream diet. It can be done but not easily. Here Trevin Wax, through the means of an imaginary TV interview, provides insight into how we should respond to questions homosexuals and society at large might ask believers.