He Makes a lot of Sense

September 12, 2014

Aside from his anti-supernatural presuppositions and his misunderstanding of how to interpret the Bible, Bill Maher makes a lot of sense here:

Here is a piece by Justin Taylor in which he first discusses an opinion piece from the NY Times regarding Mormonism and then highlights the differences between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity. It is always valuable to be reminded of the tenets of our faith.

Obviously, I must be in a bad mood. I’m seeing stuff that irritates me. All this time I thought Mormonism was a cult (deification of man, humanification — this should be a word — of God, extra-biblical authority). Silly me.

Megachurch pastor, best-selling author and perennial optimist Joel Osteen has good news to share.

“I see faith in America at an all-time high,” he told editors and reporters at The Washington Times on Monday.

Yes, people are struggling, but “our message is so much about hope,” said Mr. Osteen, whose weekly television services are seen by 7 million people in the U.S., as well as by people in almost 100 other countries. . . .

Mr. Osteen expressed admiration for home-state Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry — “I pray for his candidacy, I pray for him as a friend” — and disagreed with another pastor who said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is “not a Christian” because he is a Mormon.

“I believe that [Mormons] are Christians,” Mr. Osteen said. “I don’t know if it’s the purest form of Christianity, like I grew up with. But you know what, I know Mormons. I hear Mitt Romney — and I’ve never met him — but I hear him say, ‘I believe Jesus is the son of God,’ ‘I believe he’s my savior,’ and that’s one of the core issues.

“I’m sure there are other issues that we don’t agree on. But you know, I can say that the Baptists and the Methodists and the Catholics don’t all agree on everything. So that would be my take on it.”

via Osteen: Americans’ faith at ‘all-time high’ – Washington Times.

Mormonism 411

October 14, 2011

Because of Mr. Romney’s foray into politics we often hear a lot about Mormonism these days. We also probably have friends or acquaintances who are Mormons. What do Mormons believe. Kevin DeYoung offers a concise distillation of their views. Here’s his concluding paragraph:

I encourage you to study Mormonism for yourself if you have more questions. I think you’ll find that though the language sounds similar at times, the beliefs are quite distinctive. Mormons do not understand history, God, man, salvation, heaven, hell, the cross, Jesus, or the Trinity as the canonical Scriptures teach, nor do they agree with the doctrine taught by the holy, catholic, apostolic church over two millennia.