October 7, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_First, some free ebooks. Crossway is giving away Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson through October 12. Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace for Us is free today for Nook and Kindle. It looks really good.

In Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court: What Now for the Church?, Russell Moore helpfully comments on yesterday’s Supreme Court move. How should Christians respond now that we know that same sex marriage will be the law of the land?

I appreciated Bleep! Why Christians Shouldn’t Cuss. Here is the short answer: “This is why Christians don’t cuss: we cherish the purpose for which God gave words.” This is at least worth thinking about.

Dan Martinusen yesterday linked on Facebook to Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?. Again, this is worth thinking about.

Read The Shyness of C S Lewis in Speaking of His Longing for the Far Off Country several times today. You will be blessed.


October 3, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp’s Relationships: A Mess Worth Making is free for Nook and Kindle. I believe this will only last through the day.

The Getty’s have a new album. Sounds good. Come Ye Sinners is very fun. Who would have thought Kristyn could do Appalachian type music.

Lore Ferguson tackles Sexual Temptation and the Unmarried: Three Things to Remember about Christ. What she says is helpful for the married and unmarried alike.

Here we see the Hound of Heaven at work:

Knowing Vs. Feeling

August 22, 2013

Good literature engages the mind and the heart. It doesn’t emotionally grab us because the author says, “This is tragic.” Rather, the writer paints an engaging word picture so that his readers see what he sees in his mind and respond emotionally. Good worship music does the same thing. It doesn’t just tell us to praise the Lord. It moves us to praise the Lord because it helps us see God’s greatness. Great worship music articulates the truth about God so that we can’t help but worship. Alistair Begg is getting at this in this video:

I ran across this old John Newton hymn (“Let Worldly Minds the World Pursue”) that almost no one seems to do. I love the message:

Let worldly minds the world pursue, It has no charms for me. Once I admired its trifles too, But grace has set me free.

Its pleasures now no longer please, No more content afford; Far from my heart be joys like these, Now I have seen the Lord.

As by the light of opening day The stars are all concealed, So earthly pleasures fade away, When Jesus is revealed.

Creatures no more divide my choice, I bid them all depart. His name, and love, and gracious voice Have fixed my roving heart.

Here is a beautiful rendition of the song’s tune (through some technological wizardry the same guy plays both instruments):

Give This Kid A Few Years …

September 12, 2012

10,000 Reasons

August 28, 2012

I had made up my mind this morning that I was going to post this song on my blog. I just looked at the music menu for this coming Sunday and noticed that Ora will be leading us in this song as well. Can’t wait.