February 13, 2015

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_I know there has been a plethora of posts dealing the 50 Shades. I certainly don’t want to add my voice to the cacophony. The film seems to be a movie that further pushes our culture in the wrong direction. We can’t begin to imagine what poisonous fruit it will bear. How we must guard ourselves and our loved ones from this satanic scat. As usual, Al Mohler, adds his interpretative voice. Tim Challies points us to ten articles he’s written about the how to, and why we should, avoid pornography.

Men, What Your Wife Wishes You Knew about Valentine’s Day (and Every Other Day of the Year) is helpful. I don’t think you can go wrong heeding the insight of this post.

Here, my go to guy on the book of Revelation, Greg Beale, unpacks the meaning of the number 666. If you are drawn to the book of Revelation, Greg’s treatment of the number will help you understand other symbols in the book.


Election Day 2014 — if you haven’t voted, now’s the time. Election day for many of us has become a barometer of just how far our country has slipped. It seems that the more we vote, the more we are reminded that in our country the bad is viewed as good and the good as bad. The problem isn’t endemic to the good old US of A, it is found throughout the Western World. Christianity and it’s Judeo-Christian ethic is waning. Because of this, I often hear people predict that the time of our Savior’s return can’t be far off.

But here’s the thing: Christianity is booming throughout the Third World and other places. In China, where as recently as a generation ago there were only one million saints, today there are 90 million who name the name of Christ. This pattern is repeated throughout what we might call the back corners of the world. Literally, thousands are being converted every day. It is amazing how the church is exploding in other parts of the world. And, by the way, these new believers are morally conservative. Yep, good is good and bad is bad.

Other than Jerusalem and Rome, most of the locations mentioned in the New Testament are predominately Muslim today. I can imagine as Islam crept into the Near East that people said to each other that the return of Christ can’t be far off. Things were getting worse. You get my point. I believe that God is going to do great things over the next several centuries regardless of how bad they are here.

My grandmother expressed the hope that Jesus would return before she died. She hasn’t been with us now for decades. I know that many of us have this hope. After all, most of us want to avoid the valley of the shadow of death. Yet, based on the reality of the exploding church in other parts of the world, I think it is time for Debbie and me to start thinking about where to store our bodies until Jesus returns.

Hobby Lobby

June 30, 2014

By now you have probably heard about the Hobby Lobby decision. I personally can’t think of a more significant Supreme Court decision than this one (probably betrays my frighteningly short memory). For me, it potentially represented an expression of unparalleled government power in our lives. Please understand that, in my view, the issue wasn’t about contraception. It was about the government making Christians do things that violated their consciences. Our government seems to become more oppressive with every passing day. This decision gives us hope that there is some common sense left in this world.  Russell Moore also weighs in.