July 13, 2012

Should we use study Bibles? I for one love to have quick access to someone’s informed interpretation of a difficult passage. Yet, if you never take the training wheels off, you’ll never learn to ride. Here Jen Wilkin argues that study Bibles keep us from studying the Bible.

What happens when we confess our sin? Paul Tautges sees ten benefits.

Is God a drill sergeant or a doctor? Josh Blount weights in with a good reminder that God is the Great Physician.

What does God mean in Genesis 2:18 where he says that he would make for man “a helper suitable for him”?  Martha Krienke helps answer this question by illustrating the concept using the lives of her parents.

Finally, here is an article encouraging Christian songwriters to be more artistic in their compositions. I cite the article as an encouragement to those of us who consume Christian music to look for, and listen to, the best.