February 16, 2015

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_I appreciated this short piece by Ray Ortlund. Indeed, Romance is not stupid.

Ever wonder about Lent? I appreciate Carl Truman’s take on this increasingly popular evangelical activity.

How we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters in Muslim lands!

Finally, don’t hate me for this, why are Christian movies so bad?

Election Day 2014 — if you haven’t voted, now’s the time. Election day for many of us has become a barometer of just how far our country has slipped. It seems that the more we vote, the more we are reminded that in our country the bad is viewed as good and the good as bad. The problem isn’t endemic to the good old US of A, it is found throughout the Western World. Christianity and it’s Judeo-Christian ethic is waning. Because of this, I often hear people predict that the time of our Savior’s return can’t be far off.

But here’s the thing: Christianity is booming throughout the Third World and other places. In China, where as recently as a generation ago there were only one million saints, today there are 90 million who name the name of Christ. This pattern is repeated throughout what we might call the back corners of the world. Literally, thousands are being converted every day. It is amazing how the church is exploding in other parts of the world. And, by the way, these new believers are morally conservative. Yep, good is good and bad is bad.

Other than Jerusalem and Rome, most of the locations mentioned in the New Testament are predominately Muslim today. I can imagine as Islam crept into the Near East that people said to each other that the return of Christ can’t be far off. Things were getting worse. You get my point. I believe that God is going to do great things over the next several centuries regardless of how bad they are here.

My grandmother expressed the hope that Jesus would return before she died. She hasn’t been with us now for decades. I know that many of us have this hope. After all, most of us want to avoid the valley of the shadow of death. Yet, based on the reality of the exploding church in other parts of the world, I think it is time for Debbie and me to start thinking about where to store our bodies until Jesus returns.


October 3, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp’s Relationships: A Mess Worth Making is free for Nook and Kindle. I believe this will only last through the day.

The Getty’s have a new album. Sounds good. Come Ye Sinners is very fun. Who would have thought Kristyn could do Appalachian type music.

Lore Ferguson tackles Sexual Temptation and the Unmarried: Three Things to Remember about Christ. What she says is helpful for the married and unmarried alike.

Here we see the Hound of Heaven at work:


September 26, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_There are several free ebooks available today. I’m not sure how long they’ll last:

  • CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet by Michael R. Emlet (Amazon | iTunes)
  • Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship after Epic Failure by Daniel Hochhalter (Amazon | iTunes)

I appreciated Leo and Cynthia’s story, Together Again.

On Piles of Sand and Eating Babies is well worth the read.

Believe it or not, support for gay marriage has dropped a bit.

You probably already knew this, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a fan of aborting the poor. Read about it here and here.

Robin Williams on Heaven

August 16, 2014

Robin wants laughter in heaven. I don’t think he is too far off. I think there will be laughter in heaven; laughter and joy not from good jokes, but from an incredible, loving God whose plans for history and our lives are audaciously good.

I appreciated this reminder by Ray Ortlund about how God is determined to bless us:

God: “I am your God. You are my people. I will bless you.”

Sinners: “But at our best, we barely believe you.”

God: “True. But I will bless you.”

Sinners: “But we don’t deserve you.”

God: “More than you know! But I will bless you.”

Sinners: “But we don’t live up to this. We’re cowards.”

God: “You are. But I will bless you.”

Sinners: “But we’re so entrenched in this world, we’ll never change.”

God: “Not true. You are Zion, the eternal city of God. I will bless you accordingly, and everything will change.”

— Ray Ortlund

“There is no better test as to whether a man is really preaching the New Testament gospel of salvation than the fact that some people might misunderstand it and misinterpret it to mean that it really amounts to this–that because you are saved by grace alone it does not matter at all what you do, that you can go on sinning as much as you like because it will abound all the more to the glory of grace. That is a very good test of gospel preaching. If my preaching and presentation of the gospel of salvation does not expose it to that misunderstanding, then it is not the gospel.” ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“We can put it this way–the man who has faith is the man who is no longer looking at himself and no longer looking to himself. He no longer looks at anything he once was. He does not look at what he is now. He does not even look at what he hopes to be as the result of his own efforts. He looks entirely to the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work, and rests on that alone. He stops saying, ‘Ah yes, I used to commit terrible sins but now I have done this and that.’ If he goes on saying that, he has not got faith. Faith speaks in an entirely different manner and makes a man say, ‘Yes I have sinned grievously, I have lived a life of sin, yet I know that I am a child of God because I am not resting on any righteousness of my own; my righteousness is in Jesus Christ and God has put that to my account.’” ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


July 1, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Yesterday, I really appreciated this devotional from the Mockingbird Devotional.

Here is a reminder of the scandalous grace of God. Here is a quote from the piece:

Grace pursues; grace transforms; grace molds porn stars into objects of delight. Grace means that God seeks out repugnant sinners—the Judahs of the world—and uses them to redeem wicked people.

This guy is amazing:

“When we go to the cross, we see our God dying for us. If you let any other god down, it will beat you up. If you live for people’s approval or your career or possessions or control or anything else and you don’t make it or you mess up, then you’ll be left feeling afraid, downcast, or bitter. But when you let Christ down, he still loves you. He doesn’t beat you up; he died for you.

Let his love win your love, and let that love replace all other affections. The secret of change is to renew your love for Christ as you see him crucified in your place.”

— Tim Chester