495 Years Later

October 31, 2012

Today is Reformation Day. With this in mind …

Justin Taylor answers the question What Was Luther Doing When He Nailed His 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Door?

Ligonier is offering R.C. Sproul’s Luther and the Reformation for free, today only. This is a 10 part study that can be downloaded as video or audio, and it includes a study guide.

Crossway is offering The  Joy of Calvinism for Kindle, Nook, and in the PDF format for free, today only. Amazon sells the Kindle version for $9.59.

Here is a fun video about Calvin, Geneva, and John Piper.


August 22, 2012

Every now and then we’ll here about the three-fold use of the law. Here Nathan Bingham unpacks the idea.

It can be a challenge trying to grasp the ebb and flow of the church in the New Testament. When did John write Revelation? When was Stephen martyred? Here is a very helpful graphic that maps the sequence of the New Testament.

As most of you know, I appreciate a good catechism. They helpfully remind us of essential truth. At the same time, they are exquisite tools for discipling and rearing children. Here you can download John Piper’s iteration of the 1677 Baptist Catechism. Actually, it is the 1677 catechism with Piper’s commentary.

Like most of us, I hate being wrong. You’d think by now I be used to it. Anyway, Kevin DeYoung reminds us of ten things we often get wrong in the church. For example it is Psalm 23, not Psalms 23. BTW, #10 described me until Ora graciously corrected me one day.

Finally, Francis Schaeffer’s “Art and the Bible” is $1.99 in the Kindle format. Also, Sproul’s “Knowing Scripture” is $2.99 in the Kindle format. Sorry Nookers, no deal for you.


July 16, 2012

Why are you cast down my soul? Mark Altrogge reminds us of our truth; truth that extracts us from discouragement.

Why are you cast down O my soul?  Why are you anxious? Here’s why – because you’ve taken your eyes off God. You’ve quit hoping in God. You’ve taken God out of the equation.  When we quit hoping in God and believing we shall yet praise him, there’s nowhere else to go but down.

Here R. C. Sproul discusses the Rapture. As usual, I appreciate what he says.

I once spoke with one of the leading representatives of this school of thought, a man who teaches the “pretribulation” rapture. I said to him, “I do not know a single verse anywhere in the Bible that teaches a pretribulation rapture. Can you tell me where to find that?” I’ll never forget what he said to me: “No, I can’t. But that’s what I was taught from the time I was a little child.” I told him, “Let’s get our theology from the Bible rather than from Sunday school lessons we heard years and years ago.”

You might have heard that an Arizona pastor was recently jailed for having a Bible study in his home. This is alarming on a number of levels, however, I’m not sure this is so much a religious issue as it is a private property issue.

“Messy Church: A Multigenerational Mission for God’s Family” is free today for Nook and Kindle. I’m not sure where the author goes but I like the idea of the title. So often churches are age-graded so that parents and children can escape each other. I think the church functions best as a multigenerational family. Also the book “The Gift of Work: Spiritual Disciplines for the Workplace” is $1.99 for Kindle. The subtitle is “learning to thrive in your job.” Sounds interesting.