December 16, 2015

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Star Wars is out; hopefully I will get to see it. Peter Jones unpacks the implicit worldview of Star Wars and the opportunities for believers it provides.

John Piper responds to the idea that “I Will Not Leave Jesus — But I’m Done with the Church.”

Jason Helopoulos teases out the uniqueness of Christian parenting.

As I understand it, there was quite an interesting conversation on The View the other day. It was about religion versus Christianity. Trevin Wax discusses the conversation, and what Christians should take away from it.


5 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    Hmmmm….. “I Will Not Leave Jesus — But I’m Done with the Church.” I’m sure you already know what I am going to post since you and I have had so many conversations about it in the past. There are many reasons why people become disassociated with their local church and this is but only one of them.

  2. phfs9 Says:

    “… American Atheists billboard featuring a picture of Santa Claus that says, “Go ahead and skip church. Be good for goodness’ sake.”

    This just seems petty to me. Who in their right mind would care what comes out of the mind and mouth of an atheist! An athiest, in my personal opinion, is a very selfish individual who is not willing to give God the thanks He is due for all they have – mainly life. It would take away from the person to give thanks to God.

    The second most selfish individual is a Christian – one who is not willing to give up on thanking God for all He has given – mainly His life for ours. Thank God for the selfishness (and self-less-ness) of a Christian.

    If I am going to expend time and energy on something in life it wouldn’t be whining about some billboard some idiot pays for – or the nut case who took their money to do it – proclaiming God is not God.

    In my lifetime many have tried to convince me there is no God – none have been successful with that yet – how is some disrespectful billboard going to change my belief, love or commitment to God!


  3. Mark Says:

    I certainly agree with your view on atheism. For my money, it just doesn’t make sense to believe that all of this is an accident.

    What I love about the “atheist” piece is that someone graciously used atheist sentiment as a way to gently present the gospel. This is exactly what Paul does in Acts 18 when he cites Epimenides and Aratus. He obviously didn’t really care about their views, however, he used their views as a way to graciously speak the truth. If we are going to help people find Jesus, we need to start where they are and what they believe, and then attempt to move them to the truth.

    Finally, the piece about giving up on church. I agree with you that people leave church for many reasons. My view is that since Jesus loves the church (he died for the church) and is building the church, then if we love Jesus, we’ll love the church as well. The husband who marries a woman who already has kids better love her kids as his own or the marriage is going to be difficult (or very short). As you well know, the church is his body. I do know that church can be a contact sport. Somehow Jesus uses the brokenness of our lives to help us grow.

    • phfs9 Says:

      “contact sport” – ha that is is funny. You always have such a great sense of humor especially while entering into Christian responses to me. One of the many things that attracks you as a pastor to me as a follower. Yes, I know you are right – there is always the “other” side of each issue both the atheist thing and the church thing. I didn’t comment on the “other” side and to be fair I should have posted the positive input as well as the negative. In reading back on my 2 posts I sound like a grumpy little old lady. Thanks for posting and pointing out the positive side of each issue.

  4. Mark Says:

    I’m always good with you or anyone pushing back with what I post or say. I don’t have a corner on the truth. I have an opportunity to learn. So, don’t hesitate to argue; I just might argue back. I love a good conversation simply because I love to learn.

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