Russell Moore on Today’s SCOTUS Decision

June 26, 2015


5 Responses to “Russell Moore on Today’s SCOTUS Decision”

  1. Jim Kelly Says:

    Agree with all he said. We need to be a light for those in darkness. My concern is how long it will be legal to have and hold our faith and beliefs and be able to share them without threat of ????

    • Patrick MacFarlane Says:

      Agreed. The Bible tells us the future of this world, and we as Christians here in the U.S. are no less under assault today than we were 20 years ago, so we need to be vigilant and informed. Knowing what’s coming in the way of persecution (even if we don’t know how soon) doesn’t mean we should fold to it and stick our heads in the sand. We need to stand up for our beliefs and our rights to hold those beliefs. Above all however, we have to stay focused on Christ. (Speaking to myself here as much as to anyone reading this.) His grace has assured us glory beyond any troubles we see now. ALL things of Earth, both good and bad, will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace which we will enjoy long after the world has dissolved like snow. He has already won!

  2. phfs9 Says:

    No matter what – no matter what is made into man’s law – no matter what each individual chooses for themselves – no matter what – it is God’s law and only God’s law that counts. I thank God I do not have the malady of being gay or lesbian. I would not wish to walk in those shoes. How much different is it than being an alcoholic or a drug addict or even a street walker for hire! I have been spared all these things and for that I am thankful. Each of us has our own baggage to carry and our own sins to bare and being a gay or a lesbian is no different than anyone else’s sins. But, for some reason it is highly profile public eye and on and on it goes. No matter what is written into our country’s laws each person must choose for themselves and each person must deal with what God will dole out to them in the end. The topic of gay and lesbian is wayyyyyy over newsworthy.

    • Mark Says:

      Yep, I agree with everything you wrote. I’m so thankful that I don’t struggle with this particular temptation. I don’t like my temptations, but I’m grateful that I not bent this way.

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