July 30, 2018

Tim Challies helpfully critiques Joel Osteen’s message in this video:

7 Responses to “Joel”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    I enjoyed listening to Tim Challis speak but I didn’t need him to say one word to know that Joel Osteen’s sermon (if you choose to call it a sermon) was out there in la la land. Joel Osteen is teaching arrogance against God and amazingly thousands of people in that auditorium were “sheep” to his words.

    • Mark Says:

      Very sad. I have enough to answer for on the Day of Judgment. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. Very thankful for the grace God has blessed me with.

      • phfs9 Says:

        I have more than I would like to answer for come my Day of Judgement as well. When I feel myself slipping from God’s desires that is one of the first things I think about. My plate is already full and over flowing with things God is going to judge me for and the last thing I want to do is answer for more than is already there. Joel Osteen reminds me of an atheist – they deny God and never think about the consequences but I do whole heartedly think they know better and choose earthly over Heavenly. The man is a heretic.

  2. tjkids Says:


    • Mark Says:

      A whole sermon and you don’t mention Jesus. That’s just not preaching.

      • tjkids Says:

        I can NOT believe how many of my believing friends listen to this guy! I’m at a loss for words–and you know how rare that is! What can you say to someone who says they “just love his positive messages”? Seriously???

      • phfs9 Says:

        All the answers are right there in the Bible. We cannot credit ourselves for our successes in life nor can we rely on ourselves for our successes in life. We are to rely on God for everything unconditionally. Maybe if people did more Bible study and less listening to a tv evangelist they would be better informed. The lazy way out is to listen to someone else rather than to read and study your Bible. Pastor Mark always directs his sermons and teaches directly from the Bible. Maybe I am being judgmental, but I feel Joel Osteen is looking for money – not to teach the Bible. I would guess the contribution basket is passed around “after” he gives his speech (not a sermon as I see it).

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