Why Bother With Church?

May 16, 2016

41etkwzmopl-_sx307_bo1204203200_Why bother with church? subtitled, And other questions about why you need it and why it needs you by Sam Allberry is an excellent introduction to what the church is, why believers should attend, what should be expected in church, how does one survive the rigors and perils of church life, and how to be a good church member.

I’m always amazed when I bump into Christians who live in consistent disobedience to Jesus. I understand stumbling and falling into sin. I struggle with sin as much as anyone else. Consistent disobedience is a different issue. Why would a Christian, for example, refuse to be baptized when Jesus commands it? The logical conclusion is that Jesus isn’t really Lord in this person’s life. Similarly, church involvement for the disciple of Jesus isn’t an elective. (I realize that there are circumstances like poor health that can keep people from attending church.) Christians are commanded to gather. The early church was devoted to gathering. There is no way to be a productive part of the body of Christ without gathering. How can one love Christ and yet not love the church He loves? How can Christians love Christ but not His work, the church He is building? Allberry builds a brief but cogent case for church attendance.

One of the great benefits of this book is that it helps the believer who has struggled with bad church experiences wade back into church. In other words, Allberry doesn’t just beat one over the head with Biblical exhortation, he graciously recognizes that church can be painful for a number of reasons, and he then gives practical steps that enable Christians to live faithfully with their Lord by again being a part of the body of Christ.

The book is much more than a prod to attend church. In a brief but effective way it covers most questions that people might have about the church. It is truly an introduction to the church. I highly recommend this stellar volume.


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