“Jesus Calling”

November 13, 2015

Every now and then I get asked about Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling. If you’ve read the book, been tempted to read the book, or given the book away as a gift, I’d encourage you to read Tim Challies’ critique of the book.


4 Responses to ““Jesus Calling””

  1. phfs9 Says:

    My cousin sent me one of her books and we were going to read so many pages a day and then communicate with each other via email. Neither of us chose to continue reading the book any further after perhaps the first part. I wasn’t comfortable with what I read and neither was my cousin.

  2. patrickgmac Says:

    I first heard about this book from my mom. I thought it was a little unsettling that it was written as if it was God speaking. Then I kinda thought it was more of a suggestive, “fictional” thing. A comforting thing. I didn’t know it was claimed to be from divine revelation. Although it may be written with the best of intent, it’s worrisome. Relates to the Tim Keller video you just posted where he touches on how the modern world influences Christians rather than God’s true word.

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