Is Ben Carson an Evangelical?

November 13, 2015

Once again, Republicans have in Ben Carson a candidate outside the pale of mainstream orthodoxy. What do Seventh Day Adventists believe?


6 Responses to “Is Ben Carson an Evangelical?”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    I have never been comfortable with religious behaviors and beliefs that borderline or embrace the eccentric (for lack of a better word) when it comes to the Bible.

  2. Mark Says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Jim Kelly Says:

    If the choice comes down to Ben Carson the “Adventist” or the continuation of Obama’s policy’s to make us a third world country, also know as Hilary, I will gladly cast my ballot for Ben Carson. According to the numbers, we got a second term of Obama because so many “Evangelicals” and others didn’t vote. I would hate to think it was because Romney was a Mormon.

    • Mark Says:

      Jim, I couldn’t agree more. I really try not to comment on political issues unless they interface with the moral/spiritual. The world needs Jesus, not better politicians. I would easily vote for Ben, however, highlighting his faith gave me an opportunity to underscore the difference between mainstream orthodoxy and Adventist beliefs. A group that believes that Sunday worship is the Mark of the Beast shouldn’t be called evangelical. They clearly believe that Sunday worship is a necessary “work” for salvation.

      • patrickgmac Says:

        Mark of the beast?!?!? Good grief! I didn’t know they were so out there! I’m with you both. I also agree that I would vote for him. I think his policies on important issues are what most conservatives agree with, which is why he is doing so well. In fact, even though I have pretty strong feelings about Mormonism, the same is true. They have conservative political values.

  4. phfs9 Says:

    You wrote “The world needs Jesus, not better politicians.”

    Oh yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!

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