California’s Newly Mandated Abortion Services Announcement

October 17, 2015

If you haven’t heard, California has a new law mandating that faith based pregnancy centers, like Redding’s Care Net, clearly post the message below at their ministry locations.

“California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office at [insert the telephone number].”

Care Net is about saving lives, not encouraging abortion. It also offers many other services that help women and families thrive. This pushes all the wrong buttons for me. First, where is all of this going to end? Are churches going to be required to post signs that suggest locations where someone might find a different doctrinal perspective, worldview, or sexual ethic? If a ministry like Care Net can be impinged upon to post a message antithetical to their mission, why not churches? Just as women have a constitutional right to have an abortion (as I understand), so people have a right to worship as they desire. So, why not churches? Second, why no mention of adoption services? Why only abortion? This leads to my third concern in that it is another reminder that life is cheap in our great country.

At the end of the day, I doubt this new law will lead to more tragic deaths. I think finding an abortion clinic is relatively easy, especially in a state like California. However, it is the principle. Where is all of this craziness going to end? I feel the urge to buy some more “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirts.


10 Responses to “California’s Newly Mandated Abortion Services Announcement”

  1. Jim Kelly Says:

    Pastor you know when this craziness will end, when the Lord comes back. My question would be, does Planned Parenthood also have to post a sign saying, Go up the street to Life Light or Care Net and get help or information how to have a healthy baby and care for it? A sick (fallen) world we live in. Come Lord Jesus.

  2. phfs9 Says:

    Politics impinges on Christian rights……as do sinners and athiests and the like. Yes, the lesson is to love the sinner and hate the sin but what Christian isn’t offended by abortion signs and same sex marriage around every corner. These topics are forever in the news.

    And, aboslutely, why not a note on the sign announcing adoption information – because sinners, athiests and our politicians don’t care about the “good stuff”…only about what they want – not about what is right or moral or fair to those who disagree. There are more sinners than there are Christians in this world and politicians need their votes….so anything goes and all is allowed even if it steps on Christian toes….or offends God.

    Life has been cheap for a lllooonnnggg time. God declared that Jesus was to be crucified and that there would be 400 years of slavery for the Israelites – but who did he assign to do the dirty work. I think the sinners assigned themselves as judge and jury and then as now they did not believe in God or have any respect for God.

    No Christian can expect anything but sin from a sinner.

    • Mark Says:

      True enough. It is hard to watch the moral collapse of our country. But as you say, sinners sin. As a private citizen, not as a pastor, I want to politically do all I can to make life valuable and slow the demise of our culture, which will surely come. As a pastor, I want to pray and work for revival. It would be wrong to acquiesce.

      • As I mentioned in another post a while back, we as Christians all know where this is going. We know it will get worse, but we know that God wins in the end. What we don’t know is exactly when the foretold events in Revelation will occur. We can’t be certain that a revival isn’t in order. Either way, I agree that Christians should not be silent while evil grows. I don’t believe God would want us to do nothing while our country kills unborn children by the millions – while Christians in the Middle East are being slaughtered and their children are sold into sexual slavery – while OUR OWN GOVERNMENT enables the very nation that vows to destroy God’s chosen people, Israel. Does God want us to do nothing?

        This study showed that Christians want their churches to be active in their society. Christians want their pastors to talk about it – from the pulpit. They want to know what they should do.

        It’s not enough just to vote any more. We need to be telling our representatives what we want them to do – regularly!

        Conservative organizations need our support in any way – financially, signing petitions or more.

        And organizations fighting for the lives of innocent children desperately need our support.

        Recently we all heard about how the Freedom Caucus in the US House of Representatives successfully ousted Speaker of the House John Boehner, a man who I feel is complicit in everything Obama does because he refuses to wield the power he and his party has to fight Obama. We need to take this as encouragement that conservatives are not ineffectual. There are good people in government fighting to preserve this country. THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT.

        Mark, you suggested a book for me – Compelling Interest. I am listening to it now and it is fascinating, horrifying and uplifting all at the same time. Why uplifting? Because I now believe Roe v Wade can be overturned. Not on an anti-abortion position, but on the position of protecting the life of the unborn. The logic and legal footing of the “pro-choice” crowd and the Supreme Court is so flawed, and the public sentiment about the life of an unborn child is changing. With the recent publicizing of the actions of Planned Parenthood and the increasing interest in fetal surgery for an increasing variety of conditions, the premise that the unborn “entity” is sub-human or does not have rights as a whole person is faltering. I believe we need to capitalize on this momentum. There are enough people in this land who oppose abortion and the progressive political movement that is perverting America. We just need to make it known!

        Sorry to be so long winded. I have a lot to say. I started my own blog. I need to do something with it!

  3. phfs9 Says:

    I am not suggesting that we just sit and take it on the chin because it is inevitable……didn’t mean to make it sound so. I do say that we can “expect” such behaviors as etched in stone as handed down by God Himself. Unless I do not understand my Bible correctly, this is inevitable behavior.

    This does not mean that if there was something I could do to save “one” baby that I wouldn’t do so or that we shouldn’t as Christians set the example of morals and love which means most of the time working really hard at it since it seems to fall on so many deaf ears. But, it is that one person, that one set of ears that hears that makes it all worth our efforts. Years ago there was a young mother in my life. She was told her child would have Downs Syndrome and she decided to abort. I told her if she would have the baby I would take it and raise it. She said it was impossible to raise such a child but thought more and more about it and kept the child and the child was not born with Downs Syndrome as predicted by doctors. That may not be “one ear” but maybe once “piece” of an ear. If I had not offered to take the child would she have aborted.

    I would love to believe that all aborted babies go directly to Heaven. I would love during my life to see abortion ruled illegal as murder. But, politicians cater to voters so there will be no moral standards coming from them. If any one of the people who vote for abortion were to have been an abortion how different things might be. What sense does it make to say we trample on people’s rights if we say they cannot have an abortion – what about the rights of the child they murder.

    The more in-the-news and attention some headlines receive the worse they become. Sometimes it is better if the news did not cater so much to some of the headlines. Maybe if the issue of abortion didn’t get so much attention it would be of some small help.

  4. Mark Says:

    Sandy, great story. You never know how things will unfold. Patrick, I’m surprised at the intensity of your comment. You probably didn’t notice (I wouldn’t have) that Macel Falwell, Jerry’s wife, died this past week. For me her death represents the end of an era, or at least, a generation. When I attended Liberty, Jerry Falwell would always say (I even have the quote written the the Bible I was using at that time.), “Don’t stoop to be a king.” Maybe I interpreted him too literally, but I always understood him to be saying, don’t settle for political power. Yet, you know the rest of the story. He had a hand in the creation of the Moral Majority soon after I graduated.

    This to say, as a pastor, it is hard to know where the lines should be. I read the Wall Builders PDF about what people want to hear in church. However, how would one find support for this sort of agenda in Scripture? And, isn’t the hope for America really the gospel? And, if a church is on the front lines politically won’t it hamper its efforts to reach the lost? What I’m saying is that political involvement for the church seems antithetical to the church’s mission.

    Perhaps the church needs to address these issue in a more discrete way. You know, special classes or something.

    • Patrick MacFarlane Says:

      Sandy and Mark, I hope the intensity of my remarks didn’t come across as criticism. If it sounded like that, I apologise. What I would rather do is encourage Christians to be involved. We can’t be the salt and light if we are not seen and heard.

      I also don’t want to diminish the importance of the Gospel. On the contrary, we desperately need it, everywhere, but it is getting squeezed out of everywhere. That’s why I think Christians need to be involved. We need to be taking the gospel everywhere and supporting those Christians who are fighting for morality. They are out there. They are in politics. They are in courtrooms. I could name them but I’m trying to keep this one short. 🙂

      Proverbs 14:34.

      • phfs9 Says:

        “Sandy and Mark, I hope the intensity of my remarks didn’t come across as criticism.” Not at all – at least not to me. I value other people’s input. If you listen, you never know when you will learn something new.

        “We can’t be the salt and light if we are not seen and heard.” Absolutely!

  5. phfs9 Says:

    “Don’t stoop to be a king.” I like that!

    That ‘story’ was my daughter. She called me while I was at work that day to tell me she was going to have an abortion and her mother-in-law totally supported the idea. I didn’t get on a soap box about it – I just offered to take the child.

    The thought was that even the smallest of efforts we put forth may have a positive effect on someone. Yes, abortion is a horrific thing. But, does it really reach anyone if we get eccentric about it!

    Personally, and I say ‘personally’, maybe the small things we do make the most difference…..a mention of abortion during a sermon, the church’s support of a non-abortion clinic, our vote that says NO to abortion. We win the life of an unborn child only if God so deems we win. Politics is a brick wall…..full of political bricks who have zero respect for God. We can only do what we can each do to try to make a difference with politics. I don’t think politics is the answer…I think Christianity is.

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