October 7, 2015

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_PORN AND WORSHIP: A LOOK AT EMOTIONALISM IN THE CHURCH is worth reading. It helps us think about balance in this area. Also, who knew that people didn’t raise their hands in church until recently?

HUSBANDS: A TIP THAT COULD SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE is a reminder every husband needs.

New video segment details Planned Parenthood’s savage abortion methods. After mucking around in these videos I feel overwhelmed. I see the smoke from our Auschwitz but feel powerless to fix things. I suppose our best strategy is to pray and act in whatever way we can no matter how small.

HOW DO I KNOW THAT GOD LOVES ME? This is a question we need to think about from time to time.

Preaching the Proverbs is for pastors, however, I think it is helpful for anyone trying to understand the book in light of the gospel. I particularly appreciated this article about the law gospel distinction in Proverbs.

‘Captive’ and the Christian Film Industry is about Christian films. I know I’ve picked on Christian films before. My view is that if the films aren’t done well, they do more harm than good. Usually, Christian films are atrocious. Here is a quote:

No non-Christian is going to see one of these films and think ‘hey, I should follow Jesus now.’ They will watch them and either laugh, or nod off. I’m yet to see a ‘Christian film’ that isn’t creatively bankrupt.

8 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    Wow…on a couple of levels. Lots to absorb in one sitting. So many topics.

    Emotions…yessss. I have not been able to figure out why God made us with emotions. Nine times out of 10 I know I would be better off without them. But, would I look like Mr. Spock! Personally, I think emotions are many times dangerous and destructive and cause us to be selfish. But, then, maybe (and I say maybe) do they provoke us to kindness and unselfishness.

    I am generally not one for intruding on another’s freedoms unless they cause danger and destruction to others. If emotions are a problem for some people at church then why not put the music on the end and the announcements and the sermon first. Then, when the music comes if the emotions bother someone they can leave without having to have missed the main reason – the sermon and communion with God.

    The waving of arms and chanting (tongues) and crying does indeed bother me. But, I find that if I pay more attention to my purpose for being there than what others are doing, then those things bother me much less. Who am I – who are any of us – to judge and decide the person with the ’emotions’ is trying to get attention or truly connecting with God. Only the person and God know that with any certainty. Are we all supposed to be exactly the same and behave exactly the same. Then, we would indeed all be Mr. Spock or robots.

    Do we expect this issue is dumped into our pastor’s lap to deal with alone, do we suggest we should all argue and pit against each other on this issue – or do we just do what it is God wants of us and practice fairness and that thing – patience. Do we focus more on our purpose for being there or on what others around us are doing, what they wear, etc.

    On the other hand, the person doing the ’emotions’ thing should truly be mindful of how their behavior affects those around them. Two way street.

  2. phfs9 Says:

    “Christian Films” – couldn’t agree more. I have several friends who just wait on the edge of their seat for a new Christian movie to come out at the show. However, it is not uncommon for them to come to me to tell me about the movie and in doing so tell me things that are soooooo taken out of context from the Bible.

    I also agree that there is no Christian movie that is going to provoke a non-Christian to become a Christian. To me, a Christian movie should be about only Biblical lessons and reminders and perhaps put Bible stories on the screen “without” changing them from Bibilical truths in any way. I have yet to watch a Christian movie that has done this and I am tired of watching violent Christian movies of which there are many.

  3. Mark Says:

    Obviously, I agree with you about Christian movies. What is sad is that at one time the best cultural art was done by Christians (think Tolkien or Handel or …). We’ve lost it when it comes to movies. Corny!

    The emotion thing is way more difficult to unpack. This is why I appreciated the article. It was balanced. There is a sense in which we would say emotions are a good thing (Jesus seemed angry when he cleared the temple, and he seemed sad when he wept at Lazarus’ tomb). We are to be angry and yet not sin. God gave us emotions. They must be good. On balance, they can be very destructive and dominating. This is where the balance comes in. Keep our emotions in check so that we don’t sin. Use them to accomplish what God has called us to.

    • phfs9 Says:

      “Keep our emotions in check so that we don’t sin. Use them to accomplish what God has called us to…………..” There’s that patience thing again. Some might say forgiveness is the most difficult but to me patience is the most difficult. Without patience all our emotions are out of check. Jesus was perfect so His emotions were in check always. We are human, born sinners, die sinners…… our emotions are ‘never’ in check. Jesus’s emotions of sadness or anger He displayed were to His father. Our emotions are always so self serving. If I could find a way to experience emotions to please God I wouldn’t be so objectionable about having them. If I could do that then I would never be a sinner and especially for me that is never going to happen.

      • Mark Says:

        Again, I completely agree. Emotions are always a struggle. But, we’d have to say that they are gift from God. So, somehow, God must have a good purpose.

  4. phfs9 Says:

    “So, somehow, God must have a good purpose.” I will put that in my heart to work on. I always respect your instruction to me and I always appreciate it.

  5. phfs9 Says:

    “So, somehow, God must have a good purpose.” I will put that in my heart and work on it. I always respect your instruction to me and I always appreciate it.

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