Passing Through

July 20, 2015

Here is a short review of a book I just read called “Passing Through”:

Jeremy Walker’s book, “Passing Through,” is a guide for the believer in navigating the perils and pitfalls of life. He helpfully equips and motivates Christians for the passage from the first cry of faith to glory. Other reviewers have done a competent job distilling the virtues and contents of this book. Rather than cover the same ground, I will highlight what I most appreciate about the volume.

I valued Walker’s emphasis on the truth that we are “passing through” this life. It is all to easy for believers to become settlers forgetting that the believer’s permanent home isn’t here.

I especially appreciated his interaction with other saints both past and present. Walker buttressed, and more clearly articulated, his points by citing the works of others. This book mines and presents a treasure trove of both secular and Christian sources.

The author helpfully dealt with a wide range of necessary issues. In planning for a trip it is helpful to have a checklist of what is going to be needed on the trek. This book provides the checklist needed to get from the first cry of faith to glory.

Finally, I benefited from the content of the book. Walker is a seasoned pilgrim himself. His encouragement is both biblical and wise. His chapter on submitting to authorities wisely walks the reader through the call of God on their lives in responding to the leaders God has put in place.

My one negative comment would be that the book is a bit tedious at times. That said, it is still working through the material.


6 Responses to “Passing Through”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    This book sounds interesting and my curiosity is peaked. Do I dare put another book on my reading table with so many yet unfinished staring at me every day!

  2. […] is a seasoned pilgrim himself. His encouragement is both biblical and wise.” Reviewer: Mark Lugg Rating: 4 […]

  3. Patrick MacFarlane Says:

    After a year of commuting, I have finally become excited about listening to audio books while driving! I am looking for good audio books to help me on my walk. (I wonder if someone has a collection…) 🙂 Hopefully I can find this volume on disc! Thanks Mark!

    • Mark Says:

      I assume you have a device to play audio books (i.e. not CDs). That said, this month’s free Christian Audio book is well worth listening to. After you finish that book, let me know. I can hook you up with other audio books.

      • Patrick MacFarlane Says:

        Sweet! I had to break down and buy a newer car, 😦 but it’s really nice and it has a USB port built into it. I’ll listen to the free download as soon as I’m done with Max Lucado’s Fearless.

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