“The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair” by Ray Bradbury

December 5, 2014

I read this delightful short story twice yesterday. It has nothing to do with Christianity. In fact, some of it is implicitly anti-Christian. I’m reading through a book of Bradbury short stories. If you have ten minutes to spare, I think you will enjoy this story.

He called her Stanley, she called him Ollie.

That was the beginning, that was the end, of what we will call the Laurel and Hardy love affair.

She was twenty-five, he was thirty-two when they met at one of those dumb cocktail parties where everyone wonders what they are doing there. But no one goes home, so everyone drinks too much and lies about how grand a late afternoon it all was.

They did not, as often happens, see each other across a crowded room, and if there was romantic music to background their collision, it couldn’t be heard. For everyone was talking at one person and staring at someone else.

They were, in fact, ricocheting through a forest of people, but finding no shade trees. He was on his way for a needed drink, she was eluding a love-sick stranger, when they locked paths in the exact center of…

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