Left Behind

October 6, 2014

The movie we’ve all been waiting for is here. Here is a review from a professor at one of the schools I graduated from (Talbot). It is a fairly warm review. However, I’m not sure how objective Alan Hultberg, the article’s author, can be given that the pre-trib view is hardwired into the school’s Statement of Faith. Job security might dictate that he go along with the film’s theology. Scholar, Craig Keener, offers a critique that isn’t so positive. Here is a quote:

Many people in these churches take for granted that this is what the Bible teaches. They may be surprised to discover that no biblical text specifically and unambiguously mentions believers being removed before the final tribulation. That limitation may be why we have no clear record of any interpreter noticing the view in the Bible before 1830.

Regardless of how accurately the film reflects the truth of the Bible, we can pray that God will use renewed interest in the end times to draw people to himself.


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