Idols – By Lorene Pruitt

June 23, 2014

In response to yesterday’s sermon on idolatry, Lorene Pruitt wrote a poem not just talking about the danger of idols, but also, the need to pursue God:

Idols rob us of talent, time and treasures.
They steal our joy, purpose and pleasures.
Still we pursue and seek a way,
God warns but, we still go astray.
The need for idols in our life,
We justify and claim our right.
Faith no longer drives our course.
Wisdom and knowledge is our source.
God is good — but I need more.
I am in-titled, more than before.
There were times of long ago,
I was content just to know
You were my God, I was complete.
No need for idols, It is You I seek.




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