The Spiritual Life

April 10, 2014

We often expect a highly spiritual life to include mystical reveries, superhuman virtue, or the possession of a supernatural power that overcomes all obstacles. Actually, the spiritual life turns out to be somewhat ordinary–on the surface. It involves the universal experiences of forming relationships, marrying and rearing children, struggling with problems, working …

It is thus not simply moments of transcendent ecstasy that are “spiritual.” Human relationships are spiritual. The pleasure of being so caught up with someone you love that you forget yourself–as happens so often in marriage–is a high and holy experience. When you act as a parent–you are intimately close to God, who is hidden and active in what you do for your child.

— Gene Veith, Jr.

The Spirituality of the Cross

2 Responses to “The Spiritual Life”

  1. ancientcures Says:

    I like this post. I realize that all that I have been through helps me to better understand the plight of others, hopefully those who read what Mr. Vieth says will help them to see that their struggles were not in vain.

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