March 3, 2014

There are several free books worth grabbing. How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home is free for Kindle. For those interested in linsanity you might want to pick up Jeremy Lin: Faith, Joy, and Basketball. It is free. If you have some form of Logos software (which is free) Bonhoeffer for Armchair Theologians is free.

The marriage wars are over. Homosexual marriage is a fait accompli. The Supreme Courts Windsor decision last year sealed the deal. It is to the marriage wars what D-Day was to WWII. It is only a matter of time before it is VE Day. What is left to be determined are the terms of surrender. What is this going to cost Bible believing saints? It might not cost anything. More likely, a disdain for homosexual marriage will be treated in a way similar to race issues. Believers will face fines for merely living in a way consistent with their religious views. Ross Douthat maps out the possible directions this all might go.

If you are interested in the climate change debate, be sure to watch this video. It is not science; it is a cult.


3 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. The word on Patrick Moore is that his departure from GreenPeace was not entirely his decision. Afterwards, he went on to become a salmon farmer – one of the most environmentally damaging forms of agriculture known. He now makes his living as a spokesman/lobbyist/advisor for big timber, big mining, and other big polluters. Of Course he is in denial about climate change. His views seem to be partially predicated on evening scores with former friends turned enemies, and partially on the fact that his livelihood depends on him saying what his clients wish to hear him say. Readers can verify any of this – and learn more – by simply searching Patrick Moore on Google and reading for themselves.

  2. We should add this: Moore is not a climate scientist. If the deniers had a real climate scientist on their side, they’d be trotting him or her out. Since they can’t find a climate scientist to support their beliefs, they give us an assortment of mechanical engineers (Moore), medical doctors, journalists, politicians and so forth.

    • Mark Says:

      I appreciate your comments. Moore’s credentials, as you are saying, might be viewed as suspect. According to the video, and that great compendium of information, Wikipedia, he has a doctorate in ecology. I’m not equipped to debate that question. My frustration with this issue is that things seem imbalanced. Obviously, the earth has been warmer in the past. Humans were not the cause then, so why do we insist that humans are the cause now? Tons of money is being spent on something that might or might not be a problem we have created. I’m all for being ecologically responsible, however, with 21 children dying each minute from preventable causes, I think it makes more sense to save children than it does to pour money into a war that might not really be our war. Again, I think the balance is off.

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