Science, the Age of the Earth, and Christians

February 5, 2014

There is much chatter on the internet today about creation and the age of the earth. This is partially because of last night’s debate between atheist, Bill Nye, and young earth creationist, Ken Ham. Whether you take the time to listen to the debate or not, I’d encourage you to read Al Mohler’s musings about what took place. The issue isn’t so much about evidence as it is about worldview.

Here is a helpful discussion about science, the age of the earth, and Christianity at the Ligonier Conference several years ago. It is worth listening to.

Finally, Ligonier has a free ebook entitled “A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture.” It is available in both Kindle and Nook formats.


4 Responses to “Science, the Age of the Earth, and Christians”

  1. Terri J Says:

    Mark, the links aren’t working for me. Might be my equipment, but maybe you should check?

  2. Mark Says:

    I tried the links on another device and they worked. Sometimes these machines can be so frustrating.

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