January 30, 2014

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_It is very important to know our hearts. Our lives flow from our hearts (Pr 4:23). Sinclair Ferguson offers a short catechism about our hearts. Question 6 is very helpful.

Are you ever frustrated with how you feel? Of course you are. Who feels the way they want to, or better, need to all the time. This is why we need Paul’s command to rejoice. We don’t always feel joyful. David Murray offers a strategy as to how we can get a better handle on our feelings. This is a nice followup to Sinclair Ferguson’s offering above.

Finally, Peter Jones is an astute “spiritual” interpreter of our culture and age. Here he offers a religious interpretation of the Grammy’s the other night. What I saw of the show was very disturbing. I wonder where it is all going. When no one wears any clothes and sex with anyone or anything is permissible, what will be left to titillate? Perhaps at some point when the emptiness, the vacuousness of sexual promiscuity is realized our culture will move back in the other direction. We can only hope.


One Response to “Destinations”

  1. After I saw what Beyonce was wearing and what she was doing I switched the grammys off and prayed that God would do a mighty work and change the minds and hearts of the entertainers to turn to God before it is too late. God will not be mocked.

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