Sometimes I Really Track with This …

January 29, 2014


2 Responses to “Sometimes I Really Track with This …”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hey, Mark. I’m resembling this a bit myself this afternoon. I just wasted an hour facebooking with several former students who are very convinced that marijuana is the next miracle cure for everything, but death itself; gloriously healthy, and Biblical!! They are each in their thirties and have nothing – home, family or career. Not that I’d point it out, but their lack is one consequence of being stoned chronically. That futile conversation followed an encounter with one of my fellow Christian school teachers who is furious with me because I think Christian schools should use Christian curriculum. As she said, “It’s only literature, who cares if it’s Christian?” and “I think all this Jesus-stuff in our mission statement turn people off from our school.” I am perplexed. I’ve decided that I must be so old I’m now irrelevant.

    • Mark Says:

      Hey, Sister. All I can say is that I understand. It seems that one can say the same things for years and yet have it fall on incessantly deaf ears. It doesn’t matter how much sense it makes or how biblical the argument is. There are many times I wonder why I do what I do. It seems that selling screwdrivers at Sears makes a lot more sense. I find some consolation in the truth that ultimately change is God’s job and not mine. Still, the siren song of the screwdrivers seems very alluring at times.

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