Phil is Back

December 28, 2013

World Magazine’s title is “Duck Dynasty wins! GLAAD loses!.” Even if I didn’t watch DD, I’d be happy about this. What I’m not happy about is the fact that it happened. Someone merely expressed his Biblical views about a particular activity, and he was fired. The only reason Phil is back is because A&E is trying to make money and they realized their cash duck was gone. This is a temporary “win” in a war that will continue to rage. Christians have the high moral ground but not the high rhetorical ground. As long as homosexuality is cast with things like race and gender, the baseless charge of discrimination will lurk. We need to love those who are oriented toward this sin and yet insist that homosexuality is just another sin in the long list of sins that we all are oriented towards. Simply saying homosexuality is wrong doesn’t make me a homophobe any more than saying that adultery is wrong makes me a heterophobe.


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