September 27, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_We hear from time to time that we need to forgive ourselves. I don’t always say anything but when I do it is something like this: “Help me understand how you see self-forgiveness taught in the Bible?” Of course, I never get a good answer because the concept isn’t in the Bible. Here is an article that not only says that self-forgivness isn’t biblical but also that it is dangerous.

Here are a couple of parenting pieces. First, here is a LA Times Op-Ed article communicating the idea that losing is good for you. Maybe all those plastic trophies in the closet aren’t good for our kids after all. Second, Abby Lawson makes the point that God uses us even though we aren’t perfect (parents, etc.). Good encouragement.

Josh Blount encourages readers to use scripture like glasses not a Viewmaster.  The piece didn’t go where I thought it would. He has a great illustration that could be used a number of ways.

Got two minutes? Watch this:


One Response to “Destinations”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    The Rick Thomas article: “To feel bad about our wrongs is a kindness from the LORD”. WOW! “No Christian should be surprised or shocked when he sins”. Wow again! Such incredibly well put reminders. When I first read “Here’s the truth: The person sinned against is the one who determines the price to be paid to cover the offense.” I took it as gee I get to decide for those who have made me their victim in some way. Then, even before reading any further I realized how that thought was sooooo wrong. All sin is against our God and not each other.

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