August 27, 2013

How did gay marriage get to be the issue that defines your political correctness? This is a very interesting piece about those who are driving this agenda. Here is a quote:

There are many reasons why the gay rights movement is so upscale. When I was active in the national politics of the Episcopal Church, I came to see that homosexuality in general plays an important symbolic role in upper middle class culture. It’s an image of transgression, and to affirm it relieves moral pressure, giving room for our own transgressive desires. If two men can have sex, then surely there are no traditional limits on what men and women can do.

If you are like me, you had no idea that the Video Music Awards were handed out this past Sunday evening. By now, you have probably heard about Miley Cyrus’ performance. Brant Hansen and Trevin Wax comment about what her performance says about our culture. Here is some of what Brant wrote:

The problem, this time, is that our society feels like it knows her, knows her backstory, knows she’s someone’s daughter, and isn’t able to forget it. Other women, like the ones on stage with Miley, the ones no one is complaining about? Well, we can sexualize them, reduce them to toys lacking a story, but this girl? We know her dad!

The law has no power. In fact, the power of sin is the law (1Co 15:56).

I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. I urge you not to watch this. Remember, I warned you.


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