July 2, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_We all deal with difficult people. Mike Leake tells us how. There isn’t anything that exposes our latent self-righteousness like a difficult person.

Here are nine tips for single women (primarily). This is helpful wisdom.

This is my favorite article of the day. It details why the news is bad for us. I even appreciate the Warren Buffet quote. Just turn it off.

Here is some encouragement for parents in helping their children shape a Biblical worldview.

“What’s So Great About The Doctrines Of Grace” Is free today (I don’t know for how long.) for Kindle and Nook (actually all formats can be had here at the Ligonier website). Remember that Nook and Kindle software is available for just about any computer or device.

Also, this month’s free audio book from Christian Audio is worth snagging. It is “Jabber Crow” by Wendell Berry.

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