February 13, 2013

B003D0TAM8.01._SX490_SCLZZZZZZZ_V190274968_Why Holiness Matters: We’ve Lost Our Way–But We Can Find it Again is free for Nook and Kindle. I haven’t read the book but it looks interesting.

J. D. Greer writes about how to have communion with the Spirit. I appreciate what he writes.

Last Wednesday flying back from Lynchburg, in the providence of God, Hannah ended up in a seat next to a young man with passionate Arminian leanings. Listening to Hannah replay the conversation I was again reminded of how the Arminian viewpoint is logic-driven, not scripture-driven. Hannah kept reminding him of what the Word says. He would respond with his human reasoning. John Piper echoes the same thought. Here is the first paragraph:

It is a great irony to me that Calvinists are stereotyped as logic-driven. For forty years my experience has been the opposite. The Calvinists I have known (English Puritans, Edwards, Newton, Spurgeon, Packer, Sproul) are not logic driven, but Bible-driven. It’s the challengers who bring their logic to the Bible and nullify text after text. Branches are lopped off by “logic,” not exegesis.


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