January 18, 2013

I’ve been AWOL lately. Next week doesn’t look good either. In fact, the next six weeks look daunting. I’ll do my best to squeeze in what I can.

Abortion no doubt will continue to be a hot topic in this anniversary year of Roe v Wade. Here are a couple of links worth digesting. First, Randy Alcorn states that every life is important no matter how he or she was conceived. Next, Joe Carter highlights nine things people should know about Roe v. Wade.

Continuing with hot topics, it is interesting that a majority of the French seem opposed to same-sex marriage. Who would have guessed? Here is an video by an Irish organization defending man-woman marriage. I think this is the type of argument that needs to be made in our country.

The truth about God should move us to worship God. Put differently, theology should drive doxology. If it doesn’t, theology, the truth about God, needs to be understood in a more personal way. Gerrit Scott Johnson reminds us of this truth using one of our favorite hymns here at Bowman, Come Ye Sinners.

Tim Challies critiques the book The Insanity of God. As he does this he writes of God’s present day miracles. He states that God is still in the miracle working business and that the greatest miracle of all is, of course, conversion.

Finally, don’t miss this short video by Tullian. While it is directed to teachers and preachers, what it says is good for all of us.

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