November 28, 2012

The crusaders often get a bad rap. At least they did when I was in school. Here is a fairly short piece presenting the crusades in a slightly different light. If you like history, this is worth reading.

Rodney Stark and Thomas Madden have argued a revisionist view, that the Crusades were (at least partly) a reaction to Islamic expansionism. This view is omitted by some major treatments of the crusades.

Desiring God has assembled an Advent devotional. It is available here for download in all the ebook formats.

I’ve met solid believers who didn’t want their children reading fiction. These folks always made me feel, shall I say, liberal. I always encouraged my kids to read fiction, everything from Narnia to Anna Karenina. Here N. D. Wilson urges the reading of fiction, especially to children. Amen.

Bible-believing Christians frequently have a deep mistrust of fiction. In particular, they have a deep mistrust of, ahem, magic. This is impossible for me to understand, partly because I was weaned on C. S. Lewis and Tolkien, but more profoundly because I was marinated in Scripture at a very young age (by my parents).

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