November 27, 2012

Matthew Tuininga helpfully answers the question, Is America in Decline. Here is a quote:

 What concerns me is the tendency of some Christian conservatives to fall into the sort of pessimistic ranting about decline that makes us look just like those pessimistic Puritans, rigid Federalists, die-hard Confederates, and other grumpy groups whom history has left behind. If you are convinced that we have taken a wrong turn you are entitled to your opinion, of course. But please don’t implicate Christianity in your pessimism. There is nothing particularly Christian about the feeling that America is in decline, any more than there is anything Christian about the certainty that it is in a period of national and global ascendancy

Greek scholar Bill Mounce has an interesting piece entitled The Translation Conundrum. I’m a lover of literal translations but he explains why sometimes a looser translation is better.

How Can a Good God Let Bad Things Happen? is free today in the Kindle format. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God is $2.99 for Kindle. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. If you struggle with my Calvinism, I’d encourage you to read what Packer says.

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