November 21, 2012

First, is it true that men don’t read books? Here is a short article discussing why men supposedly don’t read books and some practical encouragements to help men read. I know a group of 10 or 11 guys who read at least one one book through the fall of every year.

Of course, the David Petraeus scandal is still very much in the news. Many are asking if adultery should have disqualified him from his office. David Roach tells us why adultery matters.

Al Mohler discusses some of the interesting stuff in the news these days. Did you hear that San Francisco has banned some forms of public nudity? How wonderful is this? Also, he discusses the Anglican Church’s recent vote to not allow women bishops. Once again, I think I’m surprised.

Mark Altrogge helps us understand that rejoicing in our circumstances doesn’t mean that we have to like them.

Here are seven signs the sermon is nearing an end. Perhaps I telegraph the end a different way?

Finally, Andrew Burford called me yesterday and discussed the new Fire Prevention Fee that is being assessed on rural California home owners. If you are bothered by this new fee, this site tells you how do fight the fee and sign a petition opposing it.


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