November 15, 2012

I have three somewhat related posts this morning. Specifically, they are related to last weeks election. Knowing that many feel the sky is falling, I believe that these three posts will be encouraging.

First, in the “We’ve Been Here Before” category, this post entitled Were the 1960s when it all went wrong? reminds us that history is repeating itself. I think you will be encouraged by this piece. Here’s a quote that will give you a sense of where the article goes:

By Finke and Stark’s math, American church membership has steadily risen from 1776 to the 21st Century, with current rates approximately triple what they were in the days of the founding fathers.

Importantly, Mike Leake cautions against ungodly fear. Who is in control of all this anyway?

I care little about a discussion on Obama, Romney, or any third-party candidate. What I do care about are those professing to be believers being swept up in worldly fear.

Finally, Ray Ortlund encourages his readers to work towards a gospel culture. Isn’t the gospel America’s only real hope?

If we want this culture to thrive, we can’t take doctrinal short cuts. If we want this doctrine to be credible, we can’t disregard the culture. Churches where the doctrines of grace create a culture of grace bear living witness to the power of Jesus. I think of it very simply like this:

Gospel doctrine – gospel culture = hypocrisy
Gospel culture – gospel doctrine = fragility
Gospel doctrine + gospel culture = powerIf we want our churches to compel the attention of our mission field — and, of course, we do — then, brothers, build a gospel culture! Don’t settle for preaching the truth only. Build a relational ethos that feels like the gospel. It’s powerful.


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