How We Voted

November 10, 2012

In my view, what is most interesting about this information is how Hispanics and Jews voted. Hispanics tend to be socially conservative and Obama is no friend of Israel. What am I missing?

(HT: Jesus Creed)


3 Responses to “How We Voted”

  1. Flyaway Says:

    Maybe they are all in unions or they wanted their free stuff. Many evangelicals voted for Obama because they thought America should be pacifistic and that was more important to them than the lives of babies or same sex marriage. They are always insisting that America is responsible to improve the lives of the poor. I thought that was the churches job. Basically I think they were blinded and their hearts hardened so that the U.S. would abandon Israel. God will show His glory in Israel!

  2. Mark Says:

    I believe you and I think alike. I hadn’t thought about the pacifist angle. I’m really a minimalist when it comes to government thus I agree that the church needs to do more to help the poor. But, with the government taking more than its share, there is less to give away.

  3. phfs9 Says:

    I am not in the least surprised by the Catholic votes.

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