Election Post-Mortem

November 7, 2012

Given that political punditry isn’t my strong suit, I thought it best to point you to the thoughts of some of the best thinkers in Christendom.

First, here Russell Moore calls us to pray for the president. Amen.

So let’s pray for President Obama. Let’s not give ourselves to terms of disrespect, or every crazy conspiracy theory that floats across the Internet.

Second, Al Mohler weighs in with his typically insightful commentary. Here is a helpful thought:

No party can win if it is seen as heartless. No party can win if it appeals only to white and older Americans. No party can win if it looks more like the way to the past than the way to the future. The Republican Party could not defeat a sitting President with a weak economy and catastrophic unemployment. As columnist George Will has said, a party that cannot win under these circumstances might need to look for another line of work.

Finally, as usual Doug Wilson distills some 180 proof insight. This article is not for the faint of heart. Here are a couple of quotes:

Given the wickedness of key elements in Obama’s agenda (abortion, sodomy, thievery through taxation, etc.) we know that whatever the Lord is doing, it is for judgment and not for blessing. And in Scripture, whenever judgment is pending, or has begun, the appropriate response is repentance — not mobilization or organizing our remaining tatters.

Then echoing some of Mohler’s concerns, Wilson writes:

If you want this conservative to vote with you, stop trying to entice me with non-conservatives. Stop trying to feed bacon to your horse. One of the numbing numbers to come out of this fiasco is the fact that if Romney had simply gotten the same number of votes that McCain did, Romney would have won. This deflation happened without a robust third party candidate siphoning off a large number of votes. The results of this election should not cause us to think we need to “move to the center.” Two establishment Republican candidates in a row have gone down, and this second time the centrist lost to a failed presidency. I mean, think about it.

Doug never holds back, does he?


One Response to “Election Post-Mortem”

  1. ancientcures Says:

    These are good thoughts. I especially liked the second. Revival and Repentance are in order, if Awakening comes great, if not then we may drag some with us to be with the LORD when HE returns.

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