November 6, 2012

Election Day is here. Sam Storms offers some Biblical sanity on this day of decision. The last point he makes is my favorite:

The confession that “Jesus is Lord” is not simply a declaration of faith and an acknowledgement that He is the Master of our lives individually and as a church. It is also a political statement.

Mark Altrogge discusses the art of being a connector. I appreciate what he encourages in this piece. We need way more of this at Bowman. Here is a taste:

We should find everyone interesting and be enthused about people, and see everyone as unique and created in God’s image.  We should “see possibility,” and while most of the world is “busily choosing whom (they) would like to know, and rejecting the people who don’t look right or live out near the airport,” we should “like them all.”

Ray Ortlund helpfully discusses where to draw the line about what is, and is not, essential Biblically. He teases out what things should we be certain about and what things we can be open about.

I love these Uncle Drew pieces:


One Response to “Destinations”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    Not necessarily referring to Bowman Church attendees, I have found in my life that when I try to accept individuals at times making the effort/attempt to get to know them or to find out what ticks their clock to be able to form a relationship with them – they are still holding me at arms length – and not just me but others as well.

    I think perhaps it is the wish of many Christians to get to know their fellow Christians better especially in their own church – but moving outside their comfort zone for them is not easy. It does take a certain amount of courage to make the attempt to find common Christian ground with other Christians.

    It is definitely easier said than done and not just in churches but anywhere there is a gathering of people this is always going to be an issue. People feel threatened by attempting to Christian-socialize with others outside their Christian social group. I have over the last couple of years just begun to realize how difficult it is for people to “accept everyone”.

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