Things Not To Say To Your Pastor After He Preaches Sunday

November 2, 2012

From Mark Altrogge:

This Sunday, encourage your pastor after his message. But here are couple things you might not want to say:

  • Wow that was the best sleep I’ve ever had!
  • I know you were preaching on Matthew but I just couldn’t stop thinking about those locusts in Revelation.
  • Nothing you said applied to me but my roommate sure needs to do what you said.
  • I love that illustration – I have no idea what you were illustrating but I really love the illustration.
  • Have you heard John Piper’s message on that same text?  Wow is it good.
  • I really liked the first five minutes of your message but then I had to go outside for a couple smokes.
  • I think you meant to say, “Father Abraham send Lazarus to touch his finger to my tongue,” but you said, “Father Abraham send Lazarus to stick his tongue in my mouth (I actually said that once by accident).
  • You know what would’ve made that message better? If you would’ve used some Scripture.
  • I love coming to this church because the worship music is so awesome.  The messages are ok too.
  • Wow that message was deep – would you mind explaining it to me?
  • Do you know you said “Uh” 93 times during your message?  I know because I was counting.
  • I think you meant to say “hermetically” sealed instead of “hermeneutically” sealed didn’t you? (I  said this last week).
  • Here’s a funny portrait of you I drew you while you were preaching.
  • That message was awesome! What was it about again?
  • Thanks for working so hard on the message. I know preaching isn’t very enjoyable for you so thanks for serving us.
  • Have you ever thought about doing something besides preaching for a living?

3 Responses to “Things Not To Say To Your Pastor After He Preaches Sunday”

  1. phfs9 Says:

    Those are unbelievable comments from the “people gallery” at Sunday sermon.

    Please tell me those comments are not quoted from people who actually said such things.

    They are funny until you think that if they were really said to a Pastor how they must make a Pastor feel.

    A Pastor is the keeper of his flock and that is an incredible Christian responsibillity to carry every day with no days off. It also requires a great love of a Pastor for him to care for his flock.

    The comments, if actually spoken to a Pastor, are disrespectful, un-Christianlike behavior and unkind to one who has dedicated his life to caring for his flock. It also shows that those individuals do not take the teachings and lessons and reminders of a sermon over the church’s threshold and back to his/her own home. In that case, what’s the point of attending a sermon in the first place.

  2. Flyaway Says:

    LOL! As long as the pastor is pleasing to God that is the main thing. Same with the congregation. But fortunately we experience the grace of God everyday and hopefully we will extend it to others.

    • phfs9 Says:

      My post did not mention what is most imporant to God – nor did it exclude that point. It was a “given” that I did not include in my post. Which is more pleasing to God – the pastor who gave the sermon or the remarks from the individuals as posted in this article….and I realize this hinges on ‘works’ to some degree.

      Those who have no respect for their pastor probably have no respect for anyone else either. A little bit of humility goes a long way.

      The lesson of the sermon is meant to be carried over in to our daily lives. Such comments made to a pastor in regard to his sermon illustrates to me this is not happening for these individuals.

      These are my beliefs and no one else need agree if they choose not to. My post is not meant to offend but to “discuss”.

      Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving day!

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