Joyce Meyer Is Free From Sinning

October 15, 2012

I always think it is fair to critique a public person’s message. In fact, I encourage people at Bowman to ask whether or not I’m teaching truth. The power of what I say (on any Bible teacher) directly depends on whether or not what I say is from the Word of God. Here Joyce Meyer claims that she no longer sins.

Three thoughts:

1. Near the end of his life, Paul wrote:  in 1Tim 1:15, “The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” (italics mine)

2. John wrote in 1John 1:8, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”

3. I still agree with Luther’s line: Simul iustus et peccator (“At the same time righteous and a sinner”).



9 Responses to “Joyce Meyer Is Free From Sinning”

  1. WOW! I’m shocked. years ago I used to listen to her and always thought she was right on. To bad she has been led astray. Perhaps someone will come alongside her and God will use them to point her back to truth.

  2. ancientcures Says:

    I would think that a definition of sin and sinner may apply here. The Revell Bible Dictionary defines sin as Rebellion against GOD. to me that would say that those who are continually in open rebellion against GOD and HIS Word are sinners. We who have turned from death to life do sin, and at the time, in a sense we are in rebellion, but having the HOLY SPIRIT, we are convicted of that sin and, if we follow the lead of HS, we will confess it and accept forgiveness as we repent or turn from it.
    I listened to the clip and found nowhere did she say that she did not sin. I would take that, having listened to her for quite some time, that she meant that she was not in Rebellion towards GOD, but not that she never sins. All of us sin and that is because we still carry around with us the Flesh, that always wants it’s own way. We don’t always walk in the Spirit as we would like to think.
    This clip did not even sound like her voice and I have never heard he say that she doesn’t sin.
    My other question is Who is darthfocus? In a search I found that whoever this person is they are in a business that sells t-shirts and mugs with atheist sayings on them. Not to judge, but It seems to me that a look at who this person is would be in order, but to my dismay there is no profile and we have no real idea of who it may be. Generally those who defend the faith tell us who they are and what they believe, this seems not to be the case here.
    John tells us to test the spirits, but in the case of darthfocus we cannot because we have no idea of who the person is, and so we have to blindly take it on faith that, he or she, is telling us the truth based on an incomplete sound bite. I think it would be better served to find the who sermon or book, as the case may be, and judge the whole. The world always deals in sound bites that either make the person good or bad, that should not be the way the Christian world operates, for we all misspeak and could be branded a heretic by anyone wanting to take what we said out of context.
    I have been saved by Grace, and have therefor turned from Rebellion against GOD to walking in the Spirit, though I fail all the time. I am a sinner who has been saved and I try not to be in Rebellion, but fail, therefore I can Confess my sin and I know that GOD is faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me from Unrighteousness. GOD has declared me Righteous as HE did to Abraham, he believed GOD and it was accounted to him for Righteousness. GOD sees us through the blood of Christ and the HOLY SPIRIT, leads me into all truth, HE also convicts me of those things that displease HIM. There is a sense in which we are sinners, but also a sense where we are not, at the same time we do sin, but not as a lifestyle. GOD grant me the Grace to not sin.

    • phfs9 Says:

      Joyce Meyer Ministries was evidently unaware of this You Tube video as I was told today. They are investigating it and said they would send me an email if the situation warranted. I did not feel this was Joyce Meyer’s voice and if you visit the You Tube location where this video is posted you will find maybe 15 or so other videos of her with that same strange voice. darthfocus is I believe based in San Francisco or so I am told. I also was told darthfocus is a male. He/she goes not only through You Tube videos religious videos and spends an “entire” day commenting on the video but can also be found in many, many other places on the web behaving equally as obnoxious….generally about Christianity buton other topics as well. I wouldn’t put much value in anything darthfocus has input on or in.

      • Mark Says:

        There is lots of evidence that she made this statement. It comes from a no longer available talk called, “What Happened from the Cross to The Throne?” Hopefully, she has recanted. But the truth is, Joyce is a Health and Wealth preacher with many problems. Here is a link June alerted me to: Notice at the end of the page he attempted to verify his information with Meyer’s ministry and so far they haven’t responded. I’d encourage you to listen to the Larry King interview she did a few years ago. Ask yourself if Jesus would live like she lives? I would say my primary concern with Joyce (as with most TV preachers) is her Health and Wealth message and how she twists scripture to make it say what she wants it to say.

      • phfs9 Says:

        I did know Joyce Meyer was definitely in to the “money” thing as most tv ministry individuals are. I did not realize just how much until I read the link you posted. Reading your reply to my post was certainly educational for me. I am glad you posted that information. I do not, have never and will never give money to any tv ministry. I had hoped Joyce’s ministry as far as her tv sermons go were on the up and up but again since reading your post I am sorely disappointed on the issue of Joyce’s Christian honesty and teachings now. Thank you for the educational post.

      • phfs9 Says:

        I am sorely disappointed in Joyce Meyer. I did in fact receive an email from her ministries that confirmed it is her video and her voice on the video. The email explained how she has “changed for the better” over the years. Sounds to me more like she changed her sermons to fit the need. I was unimpressed with the email response. She is such a dynamic speaker who can certainly hold her audience. What a shameful way to use it!

      • darthfocus Says:

        phfs9, darth here, So you wouldn’t put any value in what I have to say until someone else confirms what I posted is true…

        funny how truth is obnoxious until one realizes it’s true….

        I guess you can trust/value at least one thing I had to say…

        peace to you.

    • darthfocus Says:

      Hi, I’m darthfocus .

      Since you think I sell atheist swag I had to respond. Truth is I don’t sell mugs or promote atheist dogma in any way, must be some other darth you have me confused with.

      Yet even if I were an atheist or on Roman crucifixion detail 2000 years ago it still doesn’t change that Meyers said she “stopped sinning.”

      I hope people think twice before following her and her bad doctrine.

      Peace to you.

  3. phfs9 Says:

    1. Near the end of his life, Paul wrote: in 1Tim 1:15, “The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” (italics mine) posted by Pastor Mark Lugg

    A trusted and loved clergyman taught me this past year about all of us being sinners. There are Christians I tend to put on a pedestal – at least in my heart – and I have learned this leads me down that path of thinking any of us are without sin and sets me up for disappointment in people.

    At the time I was in the midst of opening my heart and laboring to love those who sin against me. While being counseled by my favorite clergyman about all of us being sinners I began to realize that walking around in life day-to-day without really grasping that we are all sinners, no matter who we are or what our stance in life is, is like walking around with blinders on.

    Additionally, it is unfair to the individual you put on a pedestal. To feel there are those who do not sin can put them in a place of feeling they need to perform like a trained seal or for them to walk away from you altogether so they do not feel the pressure of having to watch all they say and do in your presence.

    I do indeed admire Jesus’ style. There is nothing I learn that He teaches me that doesn’t enrich my life in one way or another.

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