October 10, 2012

As you know, Election Day is right around the corner. If you are a California resident and you haven’t registered, you can register here. We vote because we need to do what we can to see Biblical morality reflected in our laws. It seems to me that it is the right thing to do.

Speaking of voting, Randy Alcorn is beginning a series on this coming election. The first installment is worth wresting with. He probably rankles just about everyone. Here’s a tidbit:

The Republican Party today should continue to expand its racial borders and seek to recover what made it the party of Lincoln. On the other hand, I think the Democratic Party should be careful not to try to “buy” minorities through offers of financial incentives. Both parties should seek to win minorities over, as with people of every color, by sound and responsible philosophies and policies.

Russell Moore weighs in on the passing of the Protestant majority in America.

The American Protestant majority is is over and to that  I say, “good riddance.” Now let’s pray for something new—like a global Christian majority, on earth as it is in heaven.

Finally, here is an article touting the merits of coffee. As you might guess, I post articles about coffee because I do have a problem. Come down to my office and I’ll brew you a cup.


One Response to “Destinations”

  1. ancientcures Says:

    I suppose that what I will say is not politically correct, but, here goes. To me it is time for everybody to say “I am an American.” Could be that it time for all the different races to stop seeking special treatment and start producing for themselves instead of looking to the government to help them. We all have rights under the Constitution and to single out any group for special rights is to say that the rest of us have none. As a Christian it is my duty to vote and make the best choice I can in keeping with the scriptures and who best identifies with that model. Those who take the high road would first think about Forgiveness for past wrongs and move on, that is what is holding them back from achieving that and their lack of faith in GOD. If we have faith in GOD and can have HIM in the conversation then maybe we can get somewhere. One of the first things dictators do is to destroy the Church, ie, Nazi Germany who infiltrated the German church to destabelize them. When the Church is gone men can and will do what them please. Whether it is the Protestant Majority or whatever, it at least, is Christian. The left wants us to think of everything in the global scheme of things and get that into our mindset as they dismantle human rights to fit their own agenda, which is world domination, to bring forth the Anti-Christ. Not my way of thinking. We, in this country have to stand against all the attempts to reduce our religious freedom that was fought for. Article One of the Constitution is about religious rights, obviously the most important thought on the minds of the founders. The Second article was to insure that we maintain that right to worship as we want. If the religious don’t fight for this then we will be another Germany and they will be hunting down anyone who opposes them. It is time to Awaken out of the sleep and take steps to prevent the further erosion of our liberties. What is needed is a vast Revival in the Church, here and around the world to take back what has been taken. There has been a Great falling away as 1 Thessalonians talks about as Christian Europe has abandoned Christianity infavor of Socialism. We don’t want that here, and prayer is much of the answer. We need to pray because we are GOD’S people and HE hears our prayers, especially the prayers of repentance.

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