October 5, 2012

Last December R. C. Sproul Jr’s wife, Denise, died of cancer. Yesterday his 15 year-old daughter, Shannon, died of Lissencephaly. Pray for the Sproul family.

Randy Alcorn helpfully reminds us that we won’t always understand what God is doing in and through our suffering.

Not only Scripture but human experience sometimes testifies to the surprising good God can bring out of evil and suffering. God calls upon us to trust that he’ll work all evil and suffering in our lives for good.

We all tend toward judgmentalism. You do, I do. Some of us are just more honest about this tendency. Here is some help for our addiction.

Grace is probably the most radical concept that humanity has ever known. It is the only thing that is really different in a world filled with isolated judgmentalism. It is the balm that cures all relationships.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Debbie and I always struggle with this month simply because we ALWAYS feel appreciated at Bowman. That said, Erik Raymond might offer some helpful ways of encouragement that you haven’t thought of. Good stuff.

Here is some encouragement for parents of young children. We are raising image bearers.

Math homework. I hate math homework. Sitting at the kitchen table with the books out, pencils sharpened, and calculator close to hand, I just know that it’s going to be another hair-pulling, teeth-clenching, chair-squirming experience. And that’s only if things go well.


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