September 24, 2012

Yesterday in church we were reminded from Romans 12:2 that believers aren’t supposed to look like those in the world in regard to lifestyle. Certainly, one of the areas where believers face great pressure from the world to conform is in the area of premarital sex. Here is a piece that discusses the myths concerning premarital sex. The bottom line, and this hopefully won’t surprise you, is that there is no upside to premarital sex. We need to just believe God on this one. Here is one tragic quote:

Between 50 and 70 percent of couples cohabit today. But only about 1 in 5 such relationships result in marriage. And the results are consistently pessimistic for those cohabiters who do marry.

Premarital sex is a great way to hurt one’s relationship. It seems that people think they are smarter than God on this one.

Last night Bowman’s Elders met with our Village Missions District Representative, Walt Jacoby. One of the problems we have at Bowman is that people come in the front door only to walk out the back. This isn’t a problem that is unique to Bowman. Thom Rainer discusses keys in keeping people.

Every now and then I get asked about what is going on at the beginning of Genesis 6. You know, the Nephilim passage. R.C. Sproul Jr. weighs in. I have struggled with this passage a good deal myself. I think Spoul’s take on the passage is probably the most clearheaded.

I dislike “I went to heaven” books. You know, someone supposedly dies, goes to heaven, and comes back to tell us about his or her experience. We have the Bible after all. God tells us about heaven, isn’t this enough? Anyway, Mike Leake discusses the phenomenon. It won’t surprise you that I concur with what he writes.

2 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. Terri J Says:

    Another winning blog, Mark. I especially appreciate Rainer’s article. I’ve been wondering lately why there are so few Confessional churches anymore and whether or not that would help with the unity issue. I support the practice of membership classes for new members too. It would certainly allow new people to get to know you (and you, them), as well as give opportunity for fitting in with a small group or your church’s youth, outreach, or mission programs. New member classes would be able to delineate the congregation’s expectations for its members.

    • Mark Says:

      I’m always looking over the fence with envy at the more confessional types. Somehow in God’s providence that door has never been open to us. I do think, however, that the grass probably isn’t as green as it looks from this side of the fence. I don’t think Bowman has ever had new member classes but they would be valuable as you say.

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