A Christian Vote For Obama

September 18, 2012

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a political animal. It all strikes me as buffoonery. That said, Debbie and I never miss an election. I’m a one issue voter, and that issue is abortion. Here is an interesting piece where Zach Nielsen interacts with Anne Larsen VanderWeele, a believer, who is planning on voting for Obama come November, and John Piper who also believes that supporting abortion ipso facto disqualifies a candidate. I think Zach makes a good point.

You’d never vote for the legalization of killing the six-week-old. Why vote for the continued legalization of the killing of the 20-week-old in the womb? What’s the difference between the two? My take is that there is NO significant difference. But Christian, if you are voting for Obama this Nov., then you must surely know what that significant difference is.

But you say, “There are other issues to consider!” But are there really? If that law about killing the six-week-old was truly suggested by a candidate would you honestly be willing to listen to his/her stance on other issues or would you discard him/her outright?


4 Responses to “A Christian Vote For Obama”

  1. ancientcures Says:

    I’m with you but abortion is just a symptom of a greater travesty, that being our rejection of GOD and HIS Son Jesus. It is interesting to know that just a scant 10 years after deeming GOD Persona-Non-Grata we were told that it was ok to kill those in the womb. GOD told Israel that their sacrificing their children was something that HE never even thought of, so to my way of thinking it must be the devil who is pushing his way in and causing the need for more with no consequences. We all know that there are consequences to everything. For every action there is a reaction. This is the one thing that I vote about also. Abortionists not welcome.

  2. Mark Says:

    I really like your symptom idea. No doubt, our country is in for some dark days.

  3. Flyaway Says:

    I’m a one issue voter too. Humans are created in God’s image so abortion is murder.

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